The services in NAHA HEALTH CLINIC are plenty..We provide General medicine and surgical services in the clinic. There are referral options too. All these services are done at a standard price. The broad classification of the patients in the clinic are as follows:

1. New Patient Consultation

New patients are those patients who are new to the clinic. They are the first time visitors. The price for their basic consultation is ₹ 300 only.

2. Established Patient Consultation

Established patients are those who have been to clinic once and are registered with us during their first visit. The price for Established patient consultation is ₹ 300 only.

After first visit, the patient will be given a unique ID which will correspond to the computer record of the patient. All the medical records and documents will be stored in computer for the patient and it will be an easy retrieval whenever needed.

Patient will be given the following documents after the visit at the clinic:

1. Patient Summary - containing the Demographics of the patient along with the medical history

2. Prescription - containing the drugs which needed to be taken and how

3. Bill of payment of fees

4. Any Investigation required

All these papers will be for the patient record and will be presented in a file. Patient needs to bring the file on subsequent visits.